Primal Junction was created to explore a ‘back to basics’ approach to optimising nutrition, health, performance and lifestyle. Based in Melbourne, we provide you with resources, inspiration and consulting services for clean-eating, enhanced performance and community support. We are focused on creating a leading hub for the modern “Primal” individual, and will be hosting annual events as part of this.

By following a back-to-basics, real food diet, you will be shocked and excited as you experience increased energy levels, improved body composition, clearer skin, better performance and faster recovery. Most importantly find out how to get a fired-up passion and love for this incredible opportunity that we all have to LIVE life.

Primal Junction is a place that you can visit to access new ideas and recipes and also provide you with some tools so that you can create your own. Our recipes are gluten and refined sugar free, dairy free and without grains (with a few exceptions which are noted here and there).

We also love to share our passion for real food through our popular workshops, events, consultations, resources, recipes and on social media.

This is not a prescribed diet or formal medical advice – but simply ideas and thoughts that we present after years of research, experimentation and fine-tuning. Our dietary protocol may be contrary to the “accepted” nutritional guidelines in some areas. We stand strong against the ever-increasing abundance of processed, refined and questionable foods. Many are looking for a “quick fix,” or an easy “cleanse” that will fix a multitude of health problems, so that they can return to a “normal” diet. For those individuals, we suggest that perhaps a paradigm shift into the Primal way of eating and living would be ideal – food is one of the most enjoyable parts of life, and can (and should!) bring health and wellness.

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In 2014, siblings Lizzy and John left their full-time work to launch a small primal food blog into a lifestyle brand and community with a goal to change the landscape of living. Primal Junction represents living a real-life, based on whole foods, natural movement, balance and re-connecting with community. John and Lizzy have big goals to create a platform for learning, workshops, support, advice and inspiration through the Primal Junction website.

The team at Primal Junction complete both individual and group nutritional and exercise consulting with a select number of clients and organisations. We are based in Kew, Melbourne and work alongside the wellness team at Workshop 3101 | Strength, Conditioning and Wellness

Stay Primal.


Lizzy Marsh

Liz-kitchenLizzy was born in Santa Cruz, California, and grew up in New Zealand from the age of two. She has always been involved in sport and fitness, from lifesaving club champion to National level swimmer. Lizzy moved to Australia in 2006 to study Medicine and Surgery at university, but soon discovered her passion for preventative and integrated health and nutrition rather than a band-aid approach to illness and disease. Lizzy transitioned into a degree in Exercise Science and has since worked with a range of both recreational and elite athletes to educate them about real-food nutrition, lifestyle and performance.

Lizzy has completed her Strength and Conditioning qualification with FMA, C.H.E.K. Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course and Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrical Skin-fold Qualification. She looks forward to continuing her learning within the nutrition and holistic lifestyle fields.


-          Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Science)

-          Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

-          CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-          C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Level 1

-          FMA Level 1  – The Mechanics of Lifting

-          ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry Qualification (Skin Folds)

To connect or consult with Lizzy, feel free to send an email either through our contact page, or direct to: lizzy@primaljunction.com

John Marsh

john_presentingJohn was born in Papeete, on the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. He grew up in New Zealand, and was involved in sport and “chasing adventures” from a young age. John has competed in everything from soccer, to surf lifesaving and long distance triathlon and adventure racing. John moved to Australia at the age of 17, to complete his degree in Aerospace Engineering. However, he will freely admit that both better waves and better weather were significant contributing factors to making the jump across the ditch.

Although John at a young age he had learned to spear fish and had been exposed to a whole food based diet, it was only during his university studies that he realised the role that food could have in not only overall health but also in performance and vitality. He began researching ancestral diets, as well as the works of Dr. Weston A. Price, Francis M. Pottenger and was introduced to Paul Chek’s approach to exercise and health. By 2009, when John was training for the Ironman triathlon World Championships held in Hawaii, he had studied and investigated Paleo and ketogenic diets, and their efficacy in both the sedentary and athletes. John competed in Hawaii that year and also won the Australian long course triathlon Championships (AG) in early 2010 with a modified paleo diet approach. He began coaching close friends and family through the transition to a whole foods based diet, and highlighted the health benefits that were available from eliminating grains and in particular gluten, as well as processed foods and toxins.

Previously, John has worked as an aerospace engineer, in environmentally sustainable building design, as well as financial markets analysis. John has been a business owner, when he started a specialty running store. His passion for health and wellbeing has seen him complete further study in strength and conditioning, as well as Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. He has been researching and studying within the field of whole food and holistic lifestyle coaching for
health and performance for six years.

He has trained and competed alongside World Champion triathletes, and previous national level power-lifters. John now believes in training for “life” in general, including “GPP” or general physical preparedness, rather than specialising. This includes mostly strength training as well as some endurance as a hybrid approach. He loves challenges, physical training, meditation and nature and is recently married to his wife Ruby. They currently live in Manly, NSW.

John’s passion now lies in helping individuals of all backgrounds achieve not only health, but physical and emotional integrity that allows them to take advantage of all that life has to offer. 

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-          Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)

-          C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Level 1

 –          FMA Level 1  – The Mechanics of Lifting

–          Certificate III and IV in Fitness






To connect or consult with John, feel free to send an email either through our contact page, or direct to: john@primaljunction.com

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